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Serial no.

The following registrations are linked to this serial no.:

ZU-IIM (2016-10-20) AEROPRAKT A-32

Audit trail

Registration MarkFirst RegistrationOwner NameDate of OwnershipManufacturer and ModelSerial No.Year of ManufactureMTOW (kg)CofA ExpiryCofA StatusEnginePropellerInformation Updated ByInformation Date UpdatedPhotos
ZU-IIM2016-03-18GREYLING R T2016-10-20AEROPRAKT A-3200820156001900-01-01VALIDROTAX ULS 2-0IKIEV 2018-08-23ZU-IIM
ZU-IIM2016-03-18GREYLING R T2016-10-20AEROPRAKT A-3200820034501900-01-01R   2018-06-06ZU-IIM
ZU-IIM2016-03-18GREYLING R T2016-03-18AEROPRAKT A-32008180000001-01-01    2017-08-07ZU-IIM